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New Project released: ThermoCalc - 25-Jan-2005
ThermoCalc is a small windows application that will calculate the EMF voltage generated by a given thermocouple based on it's temperature, or vice-versa. The application is designed to be a small windows desktop utility to aid calibration and process engineers.
It can calculate a single given value, or generate tables based on either a given number of values required, or a step size. It features fully customizable coefficients and output settings to allow export in either tabbed or comma separated values (CSV). The input/output number of decimal places and engineering units can be selected.


SPOT LIGHT ON....... - 12-Jan-2005
View out a web site that is unique to you and you only!


UPDATE - 11-Jan-2005

Quite impressive. this web site hasn't been updated for nearly a year!

I have since achieved a first (1st) in BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering at Oxford Brookes University. Because I am either mad or stupid (or both), I decided i would post my as much of my work (along with marks) as i can on my web site. I am doing this to see if a) To see if anyone can find it and b) To see if anyone can find it useful. Check out the Articles page


UPDATE - Thu, 1-Apr-04 22:16 PM
Bah, humbug... personal web sites are such a bore!. Who wants to read about what i had for breakfast?? exactly. Now i have to get on and write that software for that pre-amp.


UPDATE - Sat, 9-Aug-03 10:57 AM
Due to many requests and increasing availability of broadband internet access, I have upped the resolution of most photos in the gallery page.


SPOT LIGHT ON....... - Tue, 22-Jul-03 9:53 PM
It has been a while since an update, so i thought i would find a nice link!
NASA's Visible Earth


SPOT LIGHT ON....... - Sun, 1-Jun-03 12:55 PM
I have been looking closely at Rod Elliott's ESP web site, he has written many interesting articles on electronics and one particular article I like is about fake semi-conductors. ESP also has detailed instructions on solidly designed audio projects, I recommend them highly.
Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages (Main Index)


UPDATE - Fri, 30-May-2003 10:32 PM
Yesterday was a good day, not only was it my birthday for which I thank every one for the cards and coming out that night, Oxford Brookes University School of technology was assessed by the IEE. The verdict is that the BEng Electronic Engineering was given a further period of IEE accreditation for the next 5 years! Yet another measure of the high quality of teaching and brilliant effort of both staff and students.


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