A while ago, a friend asked me to look that their playbar that no longer powers on…. Sure, should be no problem!

I ended up creating a video of the repair which is here on YouTube:

Part 1:

Part 2:

It ended up being quite popular, so I have made this blog post for those who want more information on taking it apart and pictures of the internals:

Get started by prying off the end bezels, use something plastic to prevent scratching or marking the surface of soft materials:

WP 20171007 16 46 06 Pro


Underneath is 4 screws:

WP 20171007 16 48 00 Pro


3. One end has volume controls, just unplug this:

WP 20171007 16 49 51 Pro


At this point I should say, there are a couple of steps missing. Once the end pieces are removed, the speaker grill can be removed to expose more screws along an aluminum extrusion. The extrusion was one of the harder tasks to remove because of the snug fit. This thing is built like a tank. Once that was off there is some screws to remove the top speaker section from the base.


Once the speaker section is opened there is loads of connectors to unplug. These are the various aerial coax.

WP 20171007 17 27 47 Pro


WP 20171007 17 27 54 Pro


Each speaker had spade connectors (I seem to remember some were latched)

WP 20171007 17 28 03 Pro


WP 20171007 17 28 20 Pro

WP 20171007 17 28 27 Pro


WP 20171007 17 28 32 Pro

WP 20171007 17 34 07 Pro


Eventually you will have the thing in two sections. The speaker section disconnected and the base section with the PSU and main controller/amplifier boards.

WP 20171008 15 30 47 Pro


To remove the PSU board from the base required removal of the rear label:

WP 20171008 18 28 57 Pro


WP 20171008 18 27 50 Pro